De Cauter Quartet

© Stefe Jiroflee
23/01/2015 at 12:30 - Brussels - Brussels Jazz Festival – Flagey

De Cauter Quartet
Koen De Cauter: guitar, soprano saxophone and vocals
Waso De Cauter: rhythm guitar
Dajo De Cauter: double bass
Myrddin De Cauter: clarinet and guitar
Koen De Cauter in a few words? 4 decades of music: he formed in 1975 the famous Waso quartet and by doing so, was at the origin of the revival of Gypsy Swing in Western Europe, he’s an acclaimed performer of Brassens, he initiated projects and recordings dedicated to Guido Gezelle, Sydney Bechet, the Manouche gypsies, New Orleans jazz, musette, Hungarian gipsy music…

Confirm to, as musical tradition once used to be, he passed on his musical skill onto his children. It all started with a casual ensemble and a few concerts, but ended up being the main family activity. Today, Waso, Dajo and Myrddin are solid and experienced live performers, after 20 years of performing in different bands and projects.
Koen used to blend gipsy swing and swing jazz with different styles of musette, chanson en Tsigane. His children went even beyond and added their own personal flavors: flamenco, classical music, ‘modern’ jazz, folk music… All these different styles are brought to the audience in such a natural way, that they tend to fuse in one single musical language, so particular to this family. But their musical interaction is also empowered by the differences, generated by four strong characters. Sparkling and expressive, serious, but also humorous, improvisation versus arrangements… A musical entity with a body and mind of its own.

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