Waso De Cauter © Cees van de Ven Fapy Lafertin © Hinrich Wulff
19/01/2012 - Zottegem - C.C. Zoetegem

(Belgium/The Netherlands)

100 years Django Reinhardt – a tribute
Koen De Cauter (soprano saxophone, clarinet and guitar), Fapy Lafertin (guitar), Jon Birdsong (cornet), Myrddin De Cauter (clarinet), Waso De Cauter (guitar), Bart Vervaeck (guitar), Dajo De Cauter (double bass) and Lionel Beuvens (drums).
To commemorate 50 years without Django, Waso De Cauter gathered in 2003 some style experts to initiate the DjanGo! project. It turned out a huge success and the 100th birthday of Django was the perfect opportunity to do it all over again. DjanGo!! was born in coproduction with Collage Theater and Music Productions and an album was presented at Djangofolllies 2010.

Koen De Cauter stands for more than 35 years live music of great diversity and about 30 cd’s (not counting the many LP’s he recorded in the 70’s – 80’s) under his name. He started in 1975 the famous Waso Quartet (named after his first born) with Fapy Lafertin, what resulted in a true revival of the Hot Club music. Fapy Lafertin is definitely one of the most important and stylistic icons of the Django style.

And as tradition once was, Koen De Cauter passed the ‘craft’ onto his children. The family ensemble was created in 1990. What once started with only occasional gigs, became after a while the core of most of the activities of this exceptional family. Meanwhile Waso and Dajo are, after about 15 years on the road, very strong musical personalities on there own. In the meantime, also Myrddin, Koen’s youngest son, joined the band. Count on top the lyrical playing of Jon Birdsong and the perfect rhythm section with Bart Vervaeck on rhythm guitar and Lionel Beuvens on drums, and you will discover the prefect tribute to the music of Django Reinhardt

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