© Waso De Cauter Christian Mendoza © Wannabes Dajo De Cauter © Serge Declercq Lionel Beuvens © Jassepoes
17/01/2013 - Brussels - Kunsthumaniora
18/01/2013 - Brussels - Les Riches-Claires
19/01/2013 - Ghent - De Centrale
26/01/2013 - Meise - De Muze van Meise

Christian Mendoza (piano), Dajo De Cauter (double bass) and Lionel Beuvens (drums)
Django Reinhardt’s magnificence has recently been acclaimed all over the world. Today, nobody doubts the importance of this gypsy musician to modern music. New festivals, projects and bands have been created everywhere, joining the pioneers, who celebrated from the start the unique ambience, the coloration, but mostly, the exquisite guitar technique of Django.

One very successful project for example was the ‘DjanGo! – A tribute’ project by Waso De Cauter, with Fapy Lafertin and Koen De Cauter, int. al., that focussed on the original and true spirit of Django. A young drummer, Lionel Beuvens, joined the band and got carried away by Django’s music. He initiated a new project of his own, focussing only on the compositions of Reinhardt and called it Djangoïsm.

He founded a piano trio with two other musicians, especially familiar with modern jazz. They focus only on Django’s timeless compositions and forget all about the zeitgeist and the harmonic & rhythmic idioms. By doing so, they’re proving once and for all that Django’s compositions are ‘real’ jazz standards. Djangoïsm is a fascinating and refreshing approach to the legacy of the legendary Django Reinhardt.

Christian Mendoza was born in Peru, but has lived most of his life in Belgium. After a period as a self-taught musician, he studied at the Conservatoires of Ghent & Brussels and graduated from the jazz division of the Brussels Conservatoire in 2006. He has since been active in various ensembles, from duos to big bands, and he has explored a great range of styles within jazz, from a traditional repertoire to modern work. Mendoza is an artistic glutton, who not only plays jazz but also world music, contemporary classical music, salsa, free improvisation, even popular music. Within the framework of his training, he worked together with students from the famous dance academy P.A.R.T.S. He has his own trio, besides his activities as a sideman in other projects, such as the Teun Verbruggen kwartet, and a duo with Frederik Leroux. Christian also plays 'freelance' with many musicians from the jazz and improvisation-scene. He leads his quartet, the Christian Mendoza Group. They won the Tremplin Jazz of Avignon (F) in 2009 and released an album, “Arbr'-En-Ciel”, in 2011.

Dajo De Cauter (°Ghent 1977) earned a degree at the Antwerp Jazz studio. He had the pleasure to share the stage with Fapy Lafertin, Tcha Limberger, David Paquette, classical string ensembles, Moker, Hendrik Braekman, Birelli Lagrene,… Besides being part of the Bérenger Trio, he’s also a regular member of Waso Quartet, Moker, Patrick Soussois, De Cauter quintet, Egyptian Fantasy, Tamara's Out of the Blue, Maskes Maschien, Romani and other jazz combos.

Lionel Beuvens was born in 1981 in Charleroi. After studying classic percussion at the music academy, he joined the jazz classes of Nathalie Loriers and summer camps by jazz legends Billy Hart and Bob Moses. He studied at the conservatoires of Brussels (with Garcia Morales and Pieter Bast), Leuven (with Dré Pallemaerts) and The Hague (with Eric Ineke). He has performed with a.o. the Sabin Todorov trio, Dacosse, Alien Bitesize, the Steven Delannoye trio, the Christian Mendoza trio, Chroma, the Nicolas Kummert 4tet, the Bernard Guyot Quartet, the Eve Beuvens trio, the Peter Hertmans Quartet, aRtet and formed his own band Grass Monkeys.

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