Dorado Schmitt

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25/01/2013 - Charleroi - Liberchies @ Eden
26/01/2013 - Gouvy - Ferme de la Madelonne
27/01/2013 - Brussels - Warwick Barsey Hotel

Dorado Schmitt
Dorado Schmitt (guitar, violin, vocals), Xavier Nikq (double bass), Mayo Hubert or Franco Merhstein or Hono Winterstein (rhythm guitar)
Just say the name of Dorado Schmitt, to make gypsy jazz lovers kill themselves! This manouche guitar legend was revealed to a general audience thanks to the "Latcho Drom" movie, telling the real story of the Rom people moving from India to the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. He created the original soundtrack.

Composer and jazz performer, Dorado Schmitt was born in St. Avold, in Lorraine/France, the 29th May 1957. Since his childhood, thanks to his family's devotion to music, he has been plunged in gypsy jazz. His father trained him on the guitar from the age of 7 and showed him the music of the master, the great Django Reinhardt. Under this influence, he improved his style by playing all the musics of the master, even the most technical solos, in order to perform perfectly in the Django style. Moreover his father initiated him into the violin and Dorado plays it with the same feeling.

In 1978, he formed the Dorado Trio with Gino Reinhardt on double bass and Hono Winterstein on rhythm guitar. Later the guitarist Claudio Favari joined the band, but only on a few occasions. But Dorado doesn’t want only to copy Django’s style, he has begun to compose his own music, harmonious melodies with smart improvisations, and an exceptional technique. He feels as comfortable in swing and gypsy waltz, as in the bossa nova and flamenco style.

He has performed at the most important jazz festivals in the USA, Europe and Japan (Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Washington, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Osaka, Sapporo, Nagoya, …).

Because of his kindness, he’s the pride of all the gypsies. Dorado doesn’t care about fashion trends or the pressure of music business, he’s just being himself. We invite you to discover this modest star of the gypsy guitar. We have a unique opportunity to invite him toat Djangofollies 2013.

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