Fabien Degryse & Co

Fabien Degryse © Marc Antoine
22/01/2011 - Namur - M.C. Province de Namur
27/01/2011 - Brussels - Théâtre Marni
30/01/2011 - Lessines - Théâtre des Moulins

Fabien Degryse & Co
Peter Hertmans, Jacques Pirotton and Fabien Degryse (acoustic guitar), Nicolas Thys (double bass) and Yves Teicher (violin).
Fabien Degryse selected for this tribute concert three guitar players, a violinist and a double bass player, the exact replica of the strength of the Hot Club de France. But the idea is to explore much more, rather than to copy exactly Django’s music. Fabien kept this in mind by selecting his partner musicians. He picked Peter Hertmans and Jacques Pirotton, both exceptional talents with very distinctive styles, to complete the guitar trio and opted for Yves Teicher on double bass and Nicolas Thys on violin, both top on their instruments. There’s no doubt about Degryse’s intention by selecting these self-willed musicians: to deliver another vision of Django’s music, different from the traditional manouche style. These five musicians are ready to accept the challenge to remodel the music of the biggest musician in this style, into something completely new.

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