Koen De Cauter - Rony Verbiest Quartet

Koen De Cauter © Jean-Luc Goffinet Rony Verbiest © keepswinging@live.nl
21/01/2011 - Brussels - Les Riches-Claires
23/01/2011 - Ghent - De Centrale

Koen De Cauter - Rony Verbiest Quartet
Koen De Cauter (guitar and vocals), Waso De Cauter (guitar), Dajo De Cauter (double bass) and Rony Verbiest (accordion).
Does he still need an introduction? Koen De Cauter: more than 35 years live music of great diversity, about 30 cd’s (not counting the many LP’s he recorded in the 70’s – 80’s) under his name. Started in ’75 the famous Waso Quartet (named after his first born) what resulted in a true revival of the Hot Club music. Renowned Brassens interpreter. Projects and recordings round Sidney Bechet, Gipsy Music, New-Orleans jazz, musette, chanson… And as tradition once was, he passed the ‘craft’ onto his children. The family ensemble was created in 1990. What once started with only occasional gigs, became after a while the core of most of the activities of this exceptional family. Meanwhile Waso and Dajo are, after about 15 years on the road, very strong musical personalities on there own. We had last year the privilege to experience their skills as the perfect rhythm section with Bart Vervaeck on rhythm guitar and Lionel Beuvens on drums, during the Django!! project.

At the age of six Rony Verbiest started expressing himself through the accordion with the guiding hand of his father, Michiel Verbiest, at that time a well known accordion player. Eight years later Rony formally began to explore the saxophone and percussion. This eventually took him to the Royal Conservatory of Brussels receiving the First Prize for saxophone. Not long after he joined The Royal Music Chapel of the Guides, a highly prestigious ensemble attached to the military Royal Guards, where he performed classical pieces. Simultaneously his passion for jazz grew, which pushed him to join ranks in the Big Band Sound and to study under Johny Griffin, Rob Madna, Jeff Clayton, Etienne Verscheuren and others. In 1990, Johan Verminnen hired him to play the accordion. Rony found he still had the chops on the accordion too, which he fervently explored and used to intertwine several genres from classical, jazz, tango nuevo and folk into his own distinct style.

The Koen De Cauter – Rony Verbiest Quartet is a new project of these very talented musicians.

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