La Femme Belge

31/01/2015 at 20:30 - Brussels - La Tentation

La Femme Belge

Tribute to Sam Coenegrachts
La Femme Belge:
Rik Sturtewagen: violin
Frederic Evrard: rhythm guitar
Geert Van Der Hallen: guitar
Filip Vandebril: double bass
Kris Auman: double bass
Bart Vervaeck: guitar
Dick Van Der Harst: guitar, banjo
Lien De Greef:voice
and many more.
Guitarist, singer and composer of the group La Femme Belge, Sam Coenegrachts died tragically last summer while hiking in Norway. He was 31 years old. Sam was not only a brilliant musician, always on the lookout for new creations and collaborations, but also an incredibly kind and loving friend. Sam and his group have participated twice in the Djangofolllies. Brosella wishes to honour him by inviting his group and some of his numerous musician friends to close the 21th edition of Djangofolllies.

From a very early age, Sam became inspired by the virtuosity and beauty of Django’s playing style and compositions. This was an influence that would be decisive for the development of his particular style as a guitarist but also as a member of La Femme Belge, for which he wrote many compositions. These compositions will be performed throughout the evening

An expanded version of La Femme Belge will play Sam’s music in two parts: the 1st one will be dedicated to Django Reinhardt’s traditional gypsy music while the 2nd part will be oriented towards the music of New Orleans.

The members of La Femme Belge will be joined by musician friends who played with Sam on stages in Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels. For the vocal interpretations, La Femme Belge will also invite some special surprise guests.

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