Les Doigts de l'Homme

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20/01/2013 - Ghent - De Centrale
24/01/2013 - Brussels - La Tentation
27/01/2013 - Antwerp - De Roma

Les Doigts de l'Homme
Olivier Kikteff (guitar, vocals, oud, banjo and cajon), Tanguy Blum (double bass, bass), Yannick Alcocer (guitar, charango and cajon), Benoit Convert (guitar) and Antoine Girard (accordion).
The band will introduce its latest album, Mumbo Jumbo, at the Djangofolllies 2013.

By releasing this 5th album, the result of 10 years of hard labour and research, Les Doigts de l’Homme is proud to present its own artistic style, guided by swing, jazz and gypsy music. Thanks to 4 CD’s, an LP and more than 500 concerts all over the world, the band has had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people: from Franck Gamble to Biréli Lagrène, via Angelo Debarre… the wealth of travelling and discovering other cultures has become the leitmotiv of these musicians.

The album marks a development in the influences of the band, that are to be situated somewhere between jazz, rock and world music. An everlasting journey around the world, guided by an artistic course that attracts new colours and strange noises.

One can hear through the sophisticated arrangements and the virtuoso technique of the musicians, that they really enjoy playing themes and improvisations at vertiginous speed.

Besides the gypsy guitars, the oud, the banjo and the double bass, there’s now the accordion. The introducton of Antoine Girard results in new colours, new sounds. The harmonic compound of the accordion stands for additional power, but a lot of warmth at the same time.



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