Michael Paouris Trio

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22/01/2016 at 20:30 - Brussels - Les Riches-Claires
23/01/2016 at 20:00 - Gouvy - Ferme de la Madelonne
24/01/2016 at 17:30 - Lessines - Théâtre J-Cl Drouot

Michael Paouris Trio
Michael Paouris: lead guitar, bouzouki
Nickolas Spatoulas: rhythm guitar
Nikos Tsachtsiris: double bass
Greek bouzouki player Michael Paouris began learning the instrument when he was 8 and playing professionally when he was 12. He collaborated with the composer G. Katsaros for a few concerts and participated in the team of Nikos Danikas in ‘Stavros tou Notou’ and in ‘Chamam’, two of the most well-known concert halls in Athens. On his 15th, he was selected by Polykandriotis with whom he also collaborated in a lot of concerts for 8 years.
Special moment is considered to be his attendance in the opening ceremony of Olympic Games ‘Athens 2004’ in the piece of Stavros Xarchakos.

He has been working as a teacher in the Conservatoire of Art G.B. Fakanas since 2010.

Michael Paouris achieved to introduce the ‘Bouzouki’ into Jazz music and not only, having won many kind of prizes and positive critics worldwide, as much for his speed as for the collaborations and the work he has done so far. With his jazzy style, he shows a different, more modern sound with the bouzouki.

Nowadays, he performs with the Michael Paouris’ band in music and concert halls all over the world. His experience and well developed technique gave him a reputation between other well-known guitarists such as Stochelo Rosenberg, from the Rosenberg Trio, with who he has performed several times. He also performed a few times life with one of the sacred monsters of jazz, guitarist Al Di Meola (1954, New Jersey, USA). Al Di Meola calls him ‘The Phenomenon’ because of his incredibly fast fingers.

Michael has already released 4 albums: ‘Enarxis’ (2011), ‘Disharmony’ (2012), ‘Guitar Project: Virtuoso’ (2013) and ‘Like my Bouzouki’ (2014).
He also released a book entitled ‘My Notes…’(2011), in which he talks about his technique and the harmony of the bouzouki and the guitar.

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