Nomad Swing

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19/01/2013 - Brussels - Les Riches-Claires
24/01/2013 - Zottegem - C.C.Zoetegem
26/01/2013 - Dranouter - Dranouter Centrum

Nomad Swing
Ine Smet (vocals), Koen de Cauter (soprano saxophone, clarinet, vocals), Nik Phelps (US)(clarinet, trumpet, vocals), Seppe Van Tilborg (lead guitar), Sam Opstaele (rhythm guitar) and Dajo De Cauter (double bass).
Nomad Swing is a group of musicians who have a passion for music from the twenties to the fifties. Inspired by American and European swing music and musicians from that period, they present a varied and colourful programme with an authentic sound, arranged in their own special way.

Their jazz repertoire ranges from the ‘innocent’ and light-hearted jazz of the 1920’s, reminiscent of the music of Louis Armstrong, Hoagy Carmichael and Bing Crosby, to the more sophisticated style of the Swing Era, evoking the music of Django Reinhardt, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. True to their roots, Nomad Swing also brings a number of European song stylings from the 1930s to the 1960s to their performances. When Nomad Swing plays, there is a congenial atmosphere, a feeling of camaraderie, of musicians talking and laughing together while having a fine time creating music for a party. Founded by Seppe Van Tilborg (solo guitar) and Ine Smet (vocals), the group has grown little-by-little to the current line-up, featuring the amazing Koen De Cauter and the American musician Nik Phelps.

Nomad Swing has an extensive performing experience, playing festivals such as the “Gentse Feesten”, “Gypsy’s in ‘t park”, “Folkfestival Dranouter”, jazz clubs like “The Hotsy Totsy” and “The Honky Tonk Jazzclub”, and has made a big hit at dance parties, even in Berlin.

The Dipsy Doodles are a dance -and performance company that is based in Ghent. They specialize in authentic jazz dances from the 20s, 30s & 40s, namely the Lindy Hop, Charleston and jazz steps.
They are very energetic and loose-legged dancers, moving to the jazz music of such well known musicians as Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Chick Webb, just to name a few. The jazz entertainment from the swing era comes back to life with this exciting and often comic acte-de-présence, packed up and presented with tip-top costumery and aesthetics.

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