Rosenberg & Limberger Family Concert

© Rosenberg & Limberger Family © © Joost Zoeteman
16/01/2014 at 20:30 - Brussels - Les Riches-Claires
17/01/2014 at 20:00 - Ghent - De Centrale
25/01/2014 at 20:00 - Meise - De Muze van Meise

Rosenberg & Limberger Family Concert
(The Netherlands)
Wattie Rosenberg: violin
Mozes Rosenberg: guitar
Joost Zoeteman: guitar
Martin Limberger: guitar
Jan Limberger: guitar & violin
Sani van Mullem: double bass
The families Rosenberg and Limberger are proposing through this program a smashing musical party with tonnes of swing, brilliance and gypsy passion. Three guitars, a violin and a double bass are proposing a repertoire, full of surprises: different styles of gypsy music, blended with swing and jazz, will convince you that their playing comes straight from the heart. These musicians have already been playing their swing music and dexterous improvisations all over the world.

The lead guitar player, Mozes Rosenberg, is the youngest brother of Stochelo, the guitarist of the world famous Trio Rosenberg. This young man can easily compete with his older brother and therefor Moses was asked to record the album “Ready' n Able” with Stochelo.
The violinist Wattie is the latest young talent of the family. His father learned him to play the violin and ever since he’s been invited to all the major stages and festivals. His well-known legerdemain adds a melancholic touch to the music.
The violinist Jan Limberger, lead of the famous gypsy orchestra The Piotto’s, injects not only gypsy jazz, but also a fair portion of traditional gypsy music.
His son, Martin Limberger knows how to keep the rhythm strong handed with his guitar.
Sani van Mullem played since childhood in the legendary Gipsykids with Jimmy Rosenberg and later on in the Gipsy Boys and the Trio Rosenberg.
The jazz guitar player Joost Zoeteman is also joining the band. He already had the opportunity to share the stage with headliners of the American jazz like Nilson Matta, Nancy Marano and Roni Ben Hur.

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