Swing Gadjé

21/01/2011 - Mouscron - C.C. Mouscron

Swing Gadjé
Amélie Affagard (vocals, flute), Arnaud "Nono" Van Lancker (vocals, accordion), Franck Cardon, (violin), Fred Tétaert (guitar), Benoît Sauvage (double bass), Yann Deneque (clarinet, saxophone) and Théophile Demarcq (drums, tapan, percussion).
Swing Gadjé is a French band with an emblematic repertoire, melting pot of French songs, gypsy music, klezmer, jazz and others swings of the world. Swing Gadjé means: “Dance, you, the one who doesn’t travel” in gypsy language.

It is a praise to the journey, a whirl of poetries which brings us from the Eastern Europe deserts to the foreign countries of Azerbaijan. The tone is as poetic as festive, but tinted with a rare feeling, coming from far away touching our deep inside. A disconcerting mix, marked with vertigo and an original energy, carried by the deep and rousing voice of Amélie Affagard. The singing is laid on the fragile thread of life, filled with love and disillusions. The words are hurting, struggling, bursting out but above all, are speaking of hope.

Swing Gadjé cultivates the interbreeding art and offers on stage a real moment filled with happiness and generosity.

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