The Belgian Gypsy Swing Five

© The Belgian Gypsy Swing Five © Bart De Nolf © Frédéric Guédon
16/01/2015 at 20:00 - Ghent - De Centrale
17/01/2015 at 20:00 - Antwerp - Rataplan
18/01/2015 at 20:00 - Brussels - Le Montmartre
23/01/2015 at 20:00 - Grimbergen - 's Gravenmolen

The Belgian Gypsy Swing Five
Mario Cavalière: guitar and vocals
Frédéric Guédon: guitar
René De Smaele, trumpet, bugle and vocals
René Sopa: accordion
Bart De Nolf: double bass
This band was initiated by the encounter of two musicians, René De Smaele en Mario Cavaliere, who share the same passion for the music of Django Reinhardt and Louis Armstrong, Swing and music from the thirties. They started this project because they wanted to unite Gipsy Swing and classical Jazz. It is indeed a fact, that very few trumpet players are able to play Django’s music properly, because his pitches and rhythms are very unusual to brass players. René and Mario are performing for about a year now and they invite every time a clarinet player and a double player at their concerts.

Mario Cavaliere (the father of Alexandre Cavaliere) and his band Jazzy Strings have been touring all over Europe and shared the stage with Gipsy Swing grandmasters like Dorado Schmitt, Angelo Debarre…

René De Smaele and his band Buster And The Swing are hitting the road for about twenty years now, but René got himself also involved in other styles of music: folk (Rum, Les Frères De Smaele, Machitun de Chile), boogie (Renaud Patigny), modern jazz (Act Big Band, Belgian Trumpet Combination, Jazz Migrators…), varieté (Julos Beaucarne).

Fred Guédon is originated from the Auvergne in France. He discovers Django’s music thanks to Mathieu Châtelain. He has been touring for many years in the Gipsy Swing circuit in France with Dominique Carré, Claudius Dupont, Véronique Audin, François Brunel, ... and had the opportunity to play with grandmasters. Today, he’s regularly performing with his friend Christophe Astolfi, but you can also find him in a number of Belgian bands.

The French accordionist of Portuguese origin, René Sopa, combines Latin rhythms with waltzes, jazz, milonga and choro in a unique way. He has performed at prestigious festivals with his own band and has shared the stage with talented artists such as Christian Escoudé, Angelo Debarre, Dorado and Samson Schmitt, Dino Mehrstein and Stéfan Patry.

Bart De Nolf has been playing the double bass for Toots Thielemans, Adamo, amongst others. This omnipresent musician had the pleasure to perform with an impressive number of soloists, like Horace Parlan, Jerome Richardson, Kenny Wheeler, Mal Waldron, Von Freeman, Sadi... He also shared the stage with Dave Pike, Deborah Brown, Gene "Mighty Flea" Connors, Mal Waldron ,Michel Herr, Barney Wilen , Shirley Bassey, Eric Le Lan, Kenny Werner, Peter Erskine ...

Two guitars, a double bass, an accordion, a trumpet and his sourdine, vocals, sparkling scats and a taste of percussion: that’s what makes this program very eclectic and exciting at the same time.

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