The Limberger Family Trio

Tcha Limberger © Rick Vink Vivi Limberger © Mieke Miwian © Limberger Family
21/01/2012 - Aalst - C.C. De Werf
22/01/2012 - Antwerp - Rataplan
27/01/2012 - Mol - C.C. 't Getouw
29/01/2012 - Zolder - C.C. Muze

The Limberger Family Trio
Tcha Limberger (violin), Vivi Limberger (guitar) and Vilmos Csikos (double bass).
Father and son, Vivi and Tcha Limberger are members of the best-known musical manouche family of Belgium. Their (grand) father, violin player, Piotto Limberger started about 60 years ago, with his brother and nephew, the Piotto’s. They earned their living by playing music all around Europe. Piotto even shared the stage with Django Reinhardt for a while. The Piotto’s performed almost exclusively jazz from the Hot Club repertoire, inspired by Django’s experiments with traditional gipsy music. A family tradition, that went on till the Nineties. An Piotto’s sons and grandsons kept on the tradition after his dead. The repertoire of the Limberger Family Trio is based on this tradition. But thanks to Tcha’s amazing musical journey, one will discover also other music styles like flamenco and contemporary music.

Vivi Limberger is a guitar player who was for a very long time part of Waso. Tcha is a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, clarinet, double bass and violin. At a very young age he got fascinated by every musical expression: folk music, even from outside Europe (especially Turkey, Bolivia and India), but also different styles of classical music, from early Flemish Polyphony till contemporary classic music. Intrigued by the mythical stories about this grandfather and the recordings of Toki Horvath, he moved on to Budapest to improve on his violin technique and to learn about the Hungarian city music. At the same he met the third member of the band: the Hungarian double bass player Vilmos Csikos.

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